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  • Every bottle of Thirsty Planet guarantees a donation to the charity Pump Aid, which delivers life-saving clean water to those who need it in rural Africa. Thirsty Planet has donated over £2m since it was established in 2007, which is an impressive achievement – but they wanted to do even more to help. Faced with strong competition from ethical waters, the Thirsty Planet team knew it had to invest in its brand to help grow sales and donations.

    Research carried out evealed that amongst ethical consumers, cool packaging design was a key motivator when making a bottled water purchase. Ethical considerations were important, but were often a lower priority than had previously been suspected.

    Before the rebrand, Thirsty Planet had played more on its ethical standpoint, with the label featuring images of the African landscape. Based on the research, our brief was to focus on producing an eye-catching bottle with great shelf standout, that still helped customers to feel good about their purchase.

  • We created a new positioning for the brand: The power of positive drinking. This embodies a new, more forthright and attitudinal approach to the way Thirsty Planet does things, promoting positive change through small actions.

  • Thirsty Planet benefits from being produced at the state of the art Harrogate Spring Water facility, allowing the charity product to utilise its award-winning infrastructure and superb eco credentials, and therefore pass more back money back to Pump Aid.

    This also meant that the redesigned Thirsty Planet packaging would use the same bottle profile and label as Harrogate Spring, meaning to a severely restricted print area for the label was available for us to work with.

  • Our challenge was to create a new logo that was highly legible at a small size and still had fantastic shelf stand-out. The logo was hand-drawn, as was the supporting typeface, to create a distinctive brand that is confident, bold and at the same time fun but not childlike.

    Designers Ian Thompson and Ollie Langridge headed up the creative team. Ian said of the rebrand:

    “It was important that there wasn’t loads of ‘visible design’ or a design company’s identity plastered all over this. One of the key reasons we knew this design approach is right is that it’s not about seduction or plastering the brand with emotive images to seduce the purchaser into buying the product. It’s about keeping it simple, keeping it accessible and producing a non-designer product that does as much good as possible.”

    The new design approach has been rolled out across the full range of Still and Sparkling PET and glass SKUs, Still multipacks and airline cuplets.

  • Rob Pickering, Head of Sales and Marketing at Harrogate Water Brands, told us:

    “We’re delighted to celebrate passing the £2m donation mark with the launch of our new Thirsty Planet packaging range. Following the success we achieved with Thompson’s rebrand of Harrogate Spring Water, which delivered sales growth of 44% in just 2 years, we knew that it made sense to partner with Thompson again. We worked closely with the team and they delivered a design and packaging solution that we all love and have utter confidence in to deliver in a crowded category.”

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