Blooming Beautiful Stuff

by Rachel Cook

I’m feeling a burning desire to share some musical treats of late… Happily, this is as beautiful to look at as it is to listen to. May I introduce to you, the one and only Bloom.

It’s a generative music iPhone app co-designed by Brian Eno (he of atmospheric musical fame) and Peter Chilvers (musician, engineer and software designer). Put simply, you pick a mood, all of which sound more like massage oils than anything else (‘Bergamot’, ‘Labdanum’, ‘Neroli’…), touch the screen as randomly as you like and listen to the wonder of throbbing, delayed sounds, echoed onscreen with fading… blobs. You can also set a sleep timer on it so you can use the hypnotic sounds to lull you to sleep. Lovely.


Prepare to be convinced that you truly are the ultimate composer, your talents wasted managing accounts or designing fliers – surely your life must now be dedicated to the crafting of haunting atmospheric music.

Download now from the App Store.

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