The Perfect Combination


I do love beautiful things. I’m a bit of a sucker for elegant, well-made, nicely designed and packaged products which is probably why I work in the creative industry. However, working on the client side as an account handler, the logic left side of my brain often over powers the creative right side, so when I came across this book that mixes both information with design, it was right up my street.


Information is Beautiful is a book by David McCandless which provides facts and statistics displayed in striking graphical ways – a perfect combination for me. I pour over each page with interest, looking at how he has visualised the information as well as being hooked about the subject matter itself.


Whether you’re into coffee, culture, politics or people there’s something in there to keep everyone interested. In my work, I’m always looking for ways to make standard written documents more visually exciting and this book is full of great ideas.


So if you’ve not come across it already, or maybe you have but haven’t got round to looking at it, I can highly recommend it. It’s definitely worth a read and makes an excellent coffee table book. If you want any further information check out David’s website at or his blog at

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