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I will hold my hands up and say I'm a complete sucker for 'cute' marketing. I will happily pay up to £3 for a bottle of innocent (no caps) smoothie because it says 'stop looking at my bottom' on the bottom of it, because their address is 'Fruit Towers' and especially because at this time of year their bottles wear a hand-knited mini bobble hat (25p of proceeds going to Help The Aged).

I'm not even very keen on smoothies.

So you could scarcely imagine my (admittedly ridiculous) excitement when a few months ago I discovered Bear, their delicious, natural nibbles and . Now, Bear are a brand that takes the 'bear' theme and really runs with it. Yup, they' snnnarl at sulphites and grrrowl at gumming agents', and their blog is entitled 'Cave News'…

Yes, they almost certainly take the grizzly metaphor far too far but stop over-analysing for a moment and EMBRACE it in all its adorable furry glory. In doing so you'll discover some super tasty snacks at less than 100 cals a pop. And happily, like innocent they balance the grizzly gimmicks out with socially aware blogging, petitions against the government and charity partnerships with the like of the Forestry Commission.

So keep out of reception as I'm definitely going Bear.

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