by Rachel Cook

Whilst spending a quality hour or so stuck in traffic this morning I was lucky enough to listen to a great deal of Chris Moyles, and their special guests McFly. Unlucky I hear you cry – not so, I retort…

After two years hard graft, the band have launched, AKA Supercity – and on the day of its launch enjoyed 10 million hits in 8 hours. Pretty impressive. Instead of a boring fan site with tour dates and biographies etc, McFly invite their fans to become Citizens of Supercity, an online world based on graphic novels and comics.

Fans can check out the band in their virtual bedrooms, access content that is refreshed daily and download and/or stream material released by the band before anyone else – for free (sort of). Their new album for example is currently available for Citizens to download two whole weeks before the general public have access… And McFly fans everywhere seem to be going crazy for it.

In conclusion, yes it’s kind of awful and yes it’s painfully egocentric – but as gimmicks go, I can’t help thinking this is a GREAT one. They’ve created a community for their fans like no other, a whole world centring around them that they can control and monitor – as well as a lovely income stream (access to the site retails at £6 per month or £40 for the year).

I never thought I’d say this, but well done McFly.


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