The camel revolution

by Rachel Cook

Whilst derided by many as drab and ‘mumsy’, I personally am loving the camel revolution… Not a single fashion magazine has even hinted at eschewing this winter’s It shade, instead embracing it’s delicious not quite caramel hue on everything from classic woolen coats to super soft blonde leathers, shifts, shorts… Look as hard as you wish – there’s no escaping camel this winter.

And good stuff too – worn with the right cut, camel can look classy, smart and a perfect statement in itself, or a brilliant canvas for any outfit. And let’s face it, we’ve seen it many times before and no doubt will again; a camel coat is a timeless classic, bound to come back season after season. Even if in Winter 2011 the fashionistas decide that camel is past its best, pop a mothball in the pocket, tuck it at the back of your wardrobe and then smile smugly when, in a couple of years, you’re ahead of the rest.

I’m off to Zara.



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