by Rachel Cook

Had a quick scan over the nominees for The Marketing Society’s Brand of the Year Award 2010 (thanks Nick) and it made for some interesting reading. Particularly the ‘don’t believe in capitals’ branding of the intriguingly named giffgaff – the only company on the list that I’d not heard of.

Luckily our lovely Coral was here to point me in the direction of some work she’d done with them in the past, more specifically a cuddle monster campaign… So far this sounds amazing yes? Wait…

The campaign featured GIANT cuddly jumpers, fitting in up to four people, being distributed to giffgaffers nationwide who were then instructed to take to the streets and give away free hugs – and my goodness they looked like the most heart-warming of hugs! These missions were then captured on video and naturally spread like a rash all over the internet.


So giffgaff you have my vote – the very best of luck to you with taking on the other nominees, including Apple and Facebook… If you don’t quite make it, I’m sure there’ll be plenty of people happy to hug you better.


PS you can read about all the nominees here and vote if you feel the urge:

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