ATV Crashes, Montezumas revenge and the biggest Flag in the World!


Every year or two I’m lucky enough to get the opportunity to
visit a new fabulous and exotic destination courtesy of my wonderful father.

Two years ago my sister chose the caribean island of Aruba
and this year I chose to explore Mexico. When I say explore, my adventures took
me as far as Cancun and Riviera Maya but I experienced some amazing events just
the same.

First off, if you have never travelled ‘all inclusive’ then
you must do it at least once. Our first destination (after being picked up in a
limo by the parentals) was the beautifully remote El Dorado Seaside Suites, an
all inclusive adults only resort in Riviera Maya.

I have never quite experienced luxury like it. 3 course
meals at any of the six ala carte restaurants on site, all of which were
fabulous. Any cocktail or drink you can imagine miraculously being brought to
you while you lounge by the aqua coloured ocean on one of their luxury double
beach beds! It was simply paradise.

During the week here we also took a trip deeper into the
Mayan jungle to ride ATV’s (quad bikes) to a secluded, sacred Cenote. This
beautiful cave housed an underwater river which you were encouraged to swim and
explore. It really was fasinating if you didn’t mind the pitch black cave
pockets, the niggling feeling of terror should one of the walls collapse and
entomb you underground or your partner reminding you of all the different
scenes from the caving horror film, The Descent.

On our ride back to the initial meeting point I felt
invincible. A Mexican Lara Croft Tomb Raider if you will. I was now standing,
not sitting on my quad and doing a good job of keeping up with our mental
jungle guide while several of the others were lost following our trail of dust.
However, all the imaginary enemies chasing us finally got the better of me and
during a twisting, narrow and very rocky section of trail I hit a massive tree
route and literally flew off the quad head first. 

The second week we spent sunning it up in Cancun. Which despite the beautiful surroundings was not worth the money in comparison to the first location. Overpriced, very busy and manic at times but our amazing hotel suites and the fabulous company made up for it. One tip – If you do ever go to Cancun, you must go to Coco Bongo (the nightclub from the movie, The Mask). It was an experience to say the least.

Now, I know the title of this blog mentioned Montezumas revenge but on second thoughts I'm not going to go into it. Lets just say it wasn't fun and thankfully, three weeks later I am finally recovering.  - Coral


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