Your Brand. Your Secret Weapon.


On Monday night at The
Rose Bowl in Leeds, we held the first in what will hopefully be a series of
events for the business community, aimed to help businesses unleash the
potential of their brands. Over 120 guests heard presentations by Mike Hoban of
Directgov, Barry McNeill of Prozone and our very own Ian Thompson, expanding on
their experiences of how to make the most of branding as a differentiating business

Hosted by our good friend David Parkin, the Editor of, the evening ended with a lively Q&A session including
debates and insights into the British Airways tailfin fiasco, how to motivate
people to deliver on your brand and many examples of brands the speakers think
stand out from the crowd, including Macmillan Trust, Apple and John Lewis. Thanks
also to Secantor and Leeds Business School for helping support the event. If
you want to hear more, just drop Nick a line on

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