Spring Awakening


Is it just us or is there something in the air?

No doubt in a street near you this weekend people were out in their front gardens, doing DIY, mowing the lawn and all those other tasks we’ve been putting off since well before Christmas. Every Spring we are in shock when the sun comes out again but this year it feels more than ever like we’re coming out of a long hibernation.

It’s been an incredibly tough financial year and as the next one approaches there’s a real mood of optimism and a hunger for change. Now is a great time for brands big and small to be thinking about change – people are feeling optimistic and the good marketeers are making the most of it.

Whether it’s the new XO marmite developed by the ‘marmarati’ superfans, Starbucks ‘Via’ instant coffee hitting the shops this month, or GQ magazine’s new car – it’s all about innovation, and ‘out with the old, in with the new’. It’s a great time to try new things and capitalise on the good times… dare we say it, things are looking up!

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