Psychedelic papercraft

by Rachel Cook

Beautiful paper creations from American artist Jen Stark. She also animates, draws and paints, with the same gorgeous bright colour palette and intricate detail pervading all she does, in an unexpectedly brilliant, craft-meets-psychedelia sort of way.

An art form that’s been around for hundred of years, paper craft doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, even as we’ve developed technology that could actually create something like this without need for human hands. Perhaps it’s the simplicity of folding and cutting paper and the availability of the medium that means we kid ourselves into thinking we could almost do that ourselves, and yet we revel in the knowledge that we absolutely couldn’t really…?! I know I do. Or maybe it’s also the tiny flaws and imperfections that make hand crafting so special. We know that if we could programme a computer to create something like this we just wouldn’t like it quite as much as something that a real human being has had their hands on. What about it we programmed a machine to have ‘flaws’ and imperfections, would we like it then? I’m not so sure.

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