Thompson Brand Partners to create new visual language for two key National Trust properties


NT Blog PostThe National Trust, as part of its objective of ‘bringing our places to life’, has appointed Thompson Brand Partners to create a strong sense of story and a new visual language for two of its key properties in the North East, Gibside and Wallington.

Experience has shown that if visitors connect with places on an emotional level and really understand the story, they have a more enjoyable and memorable experience.

No two National Trust properties have the same story or history, and the brief is to make sure the uniqueness of each place is brought-out and celebrated.

Thompson will be responsible for applying the National Trust brand identity consistently, whilst creating a strong sense of the unique story, which will involve the development of new visual elements that are unique to each place. These elements will work with the National Trust brand to create distinctive new promotional material, signage and interpretation for each of the properties. 

Thompson Brand Partners MD Nick Ramshaw is already enjoying working on the project: “We have visited both places, spent time with each team and discovered lots about the story of each place. As well as being beautiful places in their own right and very popular with visitors, each has a fascinating historical story to tell and its our job to help make the visitor experience even better by understanding more about each. We’re looking forward to the challenges involved in a design exercise like this – its just the kind of thing we relish working on and resolving.” 

National Trust Design & Production Consultant, Lorraine Emmans, is happy that she has found the right agency for the job: "We're delighted to be working with Thompson Brand Partners on such an exciting project for the National Trust in the North East."

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