Not too proud to beg...

by Rachel Cook

Some of us are eating carbs like we’ve never heard of Atkins, some stretching like Black Swan auditionees and others (like me) are just trembling in their trainers…

Why? Well, this Sunday come rain or shine the most dedicated members of the Thompson team will be taking part in the annual Age UK 10k, The Abbey Dash.

We’re running in aid of a fantastic cause, the NET Patient Foundation – a charity close to our hearts.  The charity is the only one in the UK to offer advice and support to sufferers and families of those with NETs (neuroendocrine tumours), a relatively uncommon group of cancers. Symptoms are often confused with more common complaints such as IBS, meaning NETs are frequently diagnosed incorrectly or missed completely.  

The money you help us raise will enable the NET Patient Foundation to continue their amazing work offering up to date support and advice, raising funds for vital research projects and increasing awareness of this little known illness. Read more here:  NET Patient Foundation

So please dig deep for Sarah, Guy, Jonny, myself and the NET Patient Foundation and help us to hit our target of £1,000. And if we do, we promise to take share lots of pictures of Jonny’s  goosepimply legs.

Thank you! x 


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