City or Suburbs?

by Liz Calvert

We’ve been in the City Centre now for a few weeks and our ‘New’ Stables project is well underway – enough for us all to have a quick peak to check progress. This led me to start thinking about if I prefer the centre of town or if I want to go back to Roundhay.

There are pro’s and con’s for everything:

Leeds is…

…fantastic for a drink straight from work

…full of restaurants and cool café’s for lunch

…the shoppers dream for retail therapy

…ideal for attending meetings with city clients

  • But then again…

    …Roundhay has some pretty good pubs and you don’t need to worry about car parking

    …Roundhay has some great deli’s that are half the cost

    …Roundhay doesn’t really have any decent clothes shops but lets be honest, who has time at lunch to fit in any retail therapy

    …Roundhay might not be within walking distance of our city clients but it’s not too far away and who wants sore feet anyway

  • I’m not sure what the TBP team think but I definitely prefer Roundhay and can’t wait to move back into our new offices.


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