The new £ coin


Recently I was asked by The Drum to write my opinion on the new pound coin design:

When I heard the news of a new pound coin design my first reaction was, ‘what is wrong with the current one?’ The recent pound coin designed by Matt Dent in 2008 is a great example of pure design in unifying the different coin values all under one roof by cropping parts of the iconic Royal Arms shield. So it seems the need for added security means a redesign too. It’s a shame they didn’t design with the added security back in 2008.

When I saw the new design I thought the shape was a little novelty, and almost looks like a circle gone wrong. This lack of affection for the shape probably equates to the fact I wasn’t even born when the threepenny bit was in circulation. I can understand the reasons given that it is harder to copy, plays on a heritage history and is different to the Euro so maybe it will grow on me…

The competition for what goes on the other side is interesting. For me it doesn’t seem relevant to look too far back to the past when designing for a world dominated by online payments and bank cards.

You can read the full article here on The Drum online

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