Top of the shop!

by Rachel Cook

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet, but we’re incredibly proud to have taken home not one, but two awards at the Design Effectiveness Awards ! We picked up a silver award for Arco and an especially fantastic gold for Keelham Farm Shop. And, that’s no mean feat; these awards are notoriously hard to win and, therefore, highly coveted in the industry, so to bag our first ever gold award is something we couldn’t help but shout about.

  • The awards, created and run by the Design Business Association (DBA), were launched in 1989 to recognise effective design, as the name suggests. That means design that gives more than just a facelift to a business, but instead delivers real competitive advantage. It’s about proving that good design is worth the investment – and making sure there are tangible, measurable results to back up the story.

    On Thursday night we scooped the gold award in the Brand Identity category for our work for Keelham Farm Shop recognising the incredible impact that brand has had on this already successful business. Keelham’s key objective for the brand was that it should help to drive sustainable growth for the business and provide a brand platform that could support their expansion in the future – and that’s exactly what their rebrand has done.

  • Since the rebrand began rolling out in 2010, Keelham have seen a 400 times return on investment on their design fee; turnover up 79% to over £11m; weekly customer numbers up 39%; and a new store set to open in June 2015. Read the full story here.

  • Arco ’s silver award, in the same category, recognised a similarly impressive improvement in performance. The business, established in 1884, had flat sales in 2008 of £214 million. The owners knew they needed to do something significant to improve performance. Working closely with the board, we created a new, focused proposition, of Experts in Safety. The result? Their profits have increased by 158%; sales are up by 25%; and they saw return in investment of an incredible 270 times the design budget. Read the full story here.

  • Great branding isn’t just satisfying for our clients when they enjoy improved performance, but for us too. It takes lots of willingness and hard work from both sides to make a brand a success. When it works, the results can be fantastic, as both Keelham Farm Shop and Arco prove. That’s why it was so rewarding to be able to celebrate the success with our fantastic clients by our side, and toast to even greater success in the future. Cheers!

    Find out more about the other winners here.

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