New website for Leeds City Region LEP

by Paul McGuigan

We’ve been working with the Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership, or The LEP as we’ve christened them, for a couple of years and it’s been a fantastic brand journey to be part of. We’ve helped develop their name, logo, colours, imagery, tone of voice, behaviours… their whole identity. And now, we’re reached a major milestone in that journey, with the launch of the new website!

  • It’s the culmination of a wide range of work on illustration and graphic styles, photoshoots, copywriting and lots of thinking about the diverse audiences who will be using the site, what they want from it and how they want to find it.

    It’s been a fast-paced project, working in partnership with our friends at NetConstruct on the back-end, and there is still lots to do. The LEP’s remit and offer is huge and ever-growing, so we’re excited at the prospect of the work still to be done, adding more content and refining the site as we gather more insight about how people are interacting with it.

  • We were involved with the planning of the site from the beginning; developing user personas and running workshops to plot user journeys through the site, creating a site architecture as we went. The process went hand-in-hand with the creation of their brand architecture at the same time. The categorisation of information on the site is based on the user journeys, which told us a lot about how our audiences would expect to understand the structure of the organisation – it was a great way to design everything in such a joined up way.

    The result is a distinctive, colourful site with instinctive navigation and seamless responsiveness for easy browsing on any device. Initial feedback and statistics are extremely promising and we look forward to continuing to work with the LEP on the website and a host of other developments.

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