Fontsmith launches major Brandfont® website update

by Chris Skelton

Last week saw the launch of a major update to the website of one of our favourite brands (and clients) — Fontsmith.

  • Back in 2013, we worked with Fontsmith to create Brandfont® — a new, comprehensive custom font service developed to create exclusively licensed typefaces for brands.

    Since its launch, the service has been extremely successful. Fontsmith has worked with many of the world’s leading brand agencies, including M&C Saatchi, Landor, Rufus Leonard and The Partners, to help develop their clients’ brands. Some of the brands that have benefitted from Brandfont®, include British Gas, Colgate, Sainsbury’s, Cadillac, ITV, Lloyds Bank, Movistar, Glenfiddich, McDonald’s, BAE Systems, ING Bank and Xerox.

  • The original online presence we designed in 2013 has served Fontsmith well for the past few years. However, in order to capitalise on the growing momentum of the service, now felt like the right time for a major update. The objective was to give the service an enhanced personality and a more stand-alone identity, which would hopefully drive sales even further.

  • We have been working with Fontsmith for the past few months, developing new content and copy for Brandfont®, as well as an updated visual style for the website. Our friends at Taylor/Thomas then built and integrated the new section into the Fontsmith website.

  • The results of our combined effort are now live, with one of Fontsmith’s latest typefaces — FS Lucas — sitting confidently in combination with a new image style and photography.

    Take a look here and let us know what you think:

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