Thompson to brand Mind's new workplace wellbeing programme

by Thompson Brand Partners

Thompson Brand Partners is delighted to be working with charity Mind, the Royal Foundation’s Heads Together campaign, and their partners, to deliver the naming, branding and website elements of a two year workplace wellbeing programme developed to benefit a broad range of employers and their workforces, regardless of sector or size.
This new programme has two key aims: facilitating employers’ access to quality mental health resources (with a focus on digital channels) and the development of bespoke online resources for employees from sectors who may currently lack access to information and support in relation to workplace mental health. The bespoke online learning resources are being delivered by leading online training experts, Virtual College.

  • Faye McGuiness, Head of Workplace Wellbeing Programmes at Mind, said:
    “We are delighted to be working with Thompson on the development of the bespoke ‘Mental Health at Work’ website. Taking on their expertise we hope to make sure that employers of all sizes are able to have easy access to a wealth of advice and tools on all aspects of supporting good staff wellbeing. The website will bring together curated online resources enabling employers to access workplace mental health information, including specific training for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs), for whom it is often more difficult to provide employee mental health support. At Mind we are proud of the information and advice we offer around workplace wellbeing and look forward to working with Thompson to ensure we are able to reach even more employers and employees with it.”

    Rachel Cook, Senior Account Manager at Thompson Brand Partners explained:
    “We’re proud of our extensive experience of using brand and digital content to connect with and support young people dealing with mental health issues and so are delighted to be involved with Mind and Heads Together in helping support the mental wellbeing of the country’s workforce.

    “Branding can be critical in setting the tone for a project like this, having a direct impact on its success in connecting with the people it aims to help. And getting the right experience for the different users starts with marrying what the brand stands for with a focus on making their various journeys through the site clear, easy and engaging.”

    For more information, contact Thompson Brand Partners on 0113 2329222.

    There is also information on the website to help employers seeking advice and support.

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