OTE Sports

E-commerce Website Redesign

The brief

Four friends in Leeds united by their love of cycling recognised that there was a gap in the growing market of great tasting, naturally flavoured sports nutrition. They launched their premium brand OTE Sports online in 2013 to cater for this trend.

Following some initial brand development, Thompson was appointed to push this further through the creation of a website.

A daring new business plan was developed in 2016, which included a new digital marketing strategy, an increased focus on improving e-commerce conversions, a retargeting advertising plan and email strategy. OTE also wanted to expand out from cycling into other sports. It was clear that in order to support this, their website needed to change focus.

Creating a user-centric experience

Our approach was to take a closer look at OTE’s most important customers and create super focussed user experience around them, giving them exactly what they want – and speeding up the sales process to boot.

Our research and analysis highlighted that the most profitable customers were those at the top of amateur sport. These users were serious members of clubs, took part in sporting activities several times a week, competed regularly and absolutely knew which products they needed and when.

We wrote and structured content in an accessible way, used simple terminology and identified iconography as a requirement to quickly and visually communicate product features. In addition to this we overhauled the OTE Energy and Protein Systems, bringing them under the umbrella of “Using OTE’, which also included information on how to use each product type in the 360 ? range.

We built in systems for managing a variety of bespoke banners, landing pages, product options and nutrition systems. This not only enabled OTE to be more reactive to customer needs, but allowed them to put a more cost-effective long term strategy in place for managing the website using their in-house team.

Industry beating results

This project received a commendation at the DADI awards for the user experience.

  • E-commerce conversion rate increased by 47.97%. This is 52.68% higher than the industry average.

  • Bounce rate dropped by 12.02%.

  • Page views were up by 8.64%.

  • Revenue grew by 45.52% and transactions went up by 36.13%.

“We’re thrilled with the new website. Its clear focus on product and sales is helping us to meet our targets and deliver real results for the business. Thompson have also continued to help us develop our brand, pushing the design on so we look great online as well as on shelf.”

Matt Harrison, MD, OTE Sports.