Keelham Farm


Not your average farm shop

When we began working with Keelham Farm Shop in 2010, the business was already in good shape. The business was built on a belief in supporting local suppliers and a passion for fantastic local food – attracting an already good customer base and strong local reputation. But owners Victoria and James Robertshaw wanted to grow their business even more, to drive the profitability of the existing site but to develop a brand that would help them to expand the model.

Keeping it local

We started by defining a simple proposition for Keelham, ‘food tastes better from the farm’, which drives everything the brand does. This was brought to life by creating a portfolio of components, giving Keelham the flexibility and freedom to transform every aspect of its business. A custom font, new colour palette and visual style helped with flexibility, and a hand-drawn illustrative style for icons articulated themes and messaging in a distinct way.

Branching out

The rebrand has already delivered fantastic results. In the 3 years to June 2013, turnover was up 52% to £9.4m, profit margins are up to 32.4% (from 28.4%) and weekly customer numbers are up by 27%. All of this despite an average Keelham basket coming in 17% cheaper than ASDA, 18% cheaper than Tesco and 28% cheaper than Sainsbury’s. The most exciting development has been the acquisition of a new site in Skipton, with work starting on the new store in Autumn 2013.