New font launches

Expanding the Fontsmith library

Fontsmith, a leading type foundry based in London, is known for creating fonts that are distinctively human and full of character. After the phenomenal success of the 10 Years in Type project, they approached to us to help with the launch of three new typefaces. Each font was created and crafted by a different designer and has its own personality and characteristics, but all three share the corporate font values present in all Fontsmith’s acclaimed work.

Gathering knowledge

Speaking to the font designers, we gathered ideas, inspirations and influencing factors, and established the true essence for each font. A name, story and creative treatment was developed that suited their individual characters but that also worked together as a set. Additional production techniques and finishes were added to each promotional booklet giving that extra special feel in order to ensure they ended up in the designer’s ‘box of special things.’

Overwhelming feedback

The new fonts have been successful since launch in late 2012, with sales so far exceeding expectations. Positive features have appeared on all leading design and type blogs and press coverage has been overwhelmingly positive. The full impact on the wider Fontsmith portfolio will only become apparent over time, with incremental sales continuing to grow and the brand establishing itself as the leading foundry of its type in the world.