3 New Fonts 2013

Continuing a strong relationship

Having worked with Fontsmith, a leading type foundry based in London, on some key projects over the last few years, we were delighted when they asked us to launch their three latest fonts to further enhance their growing portfolio. We set to work immediately gathering information and working with the font designers to understand the inspirations and ideas behind each font.

The type is the hero

We wanted to create a series of pieces that stand alone, but also work together as a set. The focus was on making the type the hero, using large letters, interesting graphics and shapes that work with the font story, but retaining the overall finished print size that Fontsmith are known for. The final pieces reflect the personality of each font and really capture the story of each from the name, creative style and the colour used.

A positive response

The fonts have only recently been released but initial response is very positive with features, press coverage and blogs appearing in all the key places. The full impact on the wider Fontsmith portfolio will only become apparent over time, with incremental sales continuing to grow and the brand establishing itself as the leading foundry of its type in the world.