The brief

Outsider is a research company specialising in qualitative research and insights. Starting life as Kenway Associates, the business has built up a diverse client base, ranging from automotive companies to advertising agencies. With new work largely achieved through word of mouth recommendation and repeat business, it was easy for the company to rely on old relationships with existing clients, but in a saturated market place, the company needed to speak directly and boldly to its clients – and a brand identity to support it.

Thinking outside the box

Our first challenge was to work with the client to discover what sets them apart. Through a series of meetings, we uncovered that the real fuel to their fire is objectivity; only by being truly impartial (a real outsider in a situation) can revealing insights be captured. This led to the name Outsider, but also a graphic language that represented the notion of an outsider looking in and observing. A bold marque and playful identity grew from this idea too, and a series of abstract images were created through play and experimentation with photography and graphic treatments.


The playful identity has helped Outsider form a robust visual identity that is eye-catching and yet weighty enough to support the thoughtful, serious nature of the work that they do. It has been brought to life with a new website, corporate literature and promotional postcards, along with limited edition prints celebrating their new face.