Kingsbury Press


Celebrating pioneering craftsmanship

Kingsbury Press is recognised as one of the leading suppliers of innovative and creative print and finishing solutions. The team thrive on producing innovative, bespoke print on behalf of some of the world’s most desirable brands and are internationally recognised as a pioneer of print craftsmanship.

We were commissioned to develop a way of celebrating their high-end expertise, to appeal to their designer target audience and to help develop new sales opportunities.

Turning print on its head

Designers love nothing more than a beautiful piece of print, so our solution was to produce a quarterly publication showcasing some key projects, titled ‘Work&Turn’.

Each issue has two dimensions: ‘Work’ – a semi-traditional showcase, demonstrating the latest print productions for an array of prestigious and well respected national and international clients, and ‘Turn’ – a visual and observational study of print-related objects. Working with photographer Guy Farrow, Volume 1 features Ink – a photographic essay of a print craftsman’s tools.

‘Work & Turn’ is a print term used to describe the process in which a sheet of paper is printed. Here the term is used as a vehicle to experiment within the world of print and demonstrate the creative capabilities and skills of Kingsbury Press.


The result is a beautifully designed piece of print that demonstrates Kingsbury’s incredible print and finishing skills whilst building on their reputation as one of the leading creative printers.

Kingsbury Press Sales Director and Founder Rob Layton is delighted with the new publication and the response it has already received within the industry: “Work & Turn is going to work brilliantly for us as it achieves two key sales goals. We get a chance to show-off the fantastic work we have done for our clients like Pentagram, North and Liberty of London – which we know other designers love to see, and we also get a piece of beautiful, intriguing print into customers’ hands, showing off our printing, finishing and binding skills. The initial reaction to Work & Turn has been exceptional, exceeding all our expectations.”