30 Years of Thompson Brand Partners

Turning 30

When Thompson Brand Partners turned 30 it was clear we needed to celebrate in style. But what does a branding agency do to honour such a landmark anniversary? We decided to host a uniquely memorable event that would showcase our creative imaginations and give our clients, friends and industry professionals something to talk about.

XXX rated

XXX is 30 in Roman numerals and this became the basis of our idea, drawing on inspiration from our recent team visit to Amsterdam! As an agency we’re not really retrospective, preferring to focus more on the future – what we want to do, not what we’ve already done. So rather than showcase our old work, representing our 30 years in business, we decided to invite 30 creatives, past and present, to each create something new. The brief was simple, design a poster about something that interests or inspires you. These posters formed the central focus of the event, each displayed within it’s own private viewing booth to be enjoyed by our guests on the night of the event.

The aftermath

The result was a visual feast of creative insights in a room flooded with red and party magic. The event was a major success for us, with over 200 clients, industry professional and friends joining us to celebrate and toast the achievements of past and present.

Here’s to the next 30 years!

You can view all the posters on our XXX event microsite here.