Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP)


Enabling Growth

The LEP are a public / private partnership with a broad remit, including administering funds and programmes that deliver economic growth for the region. From energy projects to investment in the skills of the region’s workforce and development of growing businesses, the LEP has many responsibilities and areas of expertise.

From Invisible to Unmistakable

Despite its broad influence, the LEP was almost indistinguishable from the city region itself, from its audience’s perspective. They had no logo or identity of their own so weren’t being recognised for their role in the region’s growth. Creating a brand for such a broad organisation was challenging – with audiences ranging from business to politicians to young apprentices; we needed a solution that could adapt to many contexts.

Driving Success

The brand was first simplified, to help rationalise the myriad specialisms and campaigns – everything will now operate under the core brand. The name has been shortened, removing ‘Local’ from ‘Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership’ and a bold LEP logo helps strengthen their position as the leading LEP in the country. A unique collection of graphics, complementary illustration style and flexible palette of bold colours complete the transformation.

The LEP have since gone from strength to strength, putting in a bold strategic plan for the region, using illustrations and graphics to help clarify complex concepts, resulting in a £1billion growth deal for the region. The approach was praised by the Prime Minister, who retweeted our infographics to his 2.7m followers.