A dynamic brand for a client that never sits still

The brief

Herd is a digital & technology industry networking and recruitment organisation, with an innovative membership model. The brainchild of its tirelessly energetic founder, Amy DeBalsi, Herd was borne out of her realisation that the Leeds City Region’s digital & tech sector is, in many ways, at the cutting edge. Despite this, the organisations here are failing to work together effectively.

This has meant they’re missing opportunities to work together and to make the region more famous for it’s achievements.

Our approach

The idea for the brand takes its inspiration from that need to bring tech innovators together as a group, more powerful than the sum of its parts, with a louder voice – to ‘Be Herd’.

To help bring this concept and purpose to life, we have created a bright, energetic and dynamic identity, made up of multiple parts. They move independently but are drawn back together, in a variety of formations, by the ordered influence of Herd.

The brand must appeal to both large tech companies, as well as those seeking employment at those firms – often young students and graduates.


The main culmination of our work so far has been Herd’s event at Leeds Arena. Diverse media and collateral was created including programmes, t-shirts, animations, signage and lots more.