Famous Families

Christmas project 2015

The brief

The agency Christmas card brief is always the toughest of the lot. Coming up with a new idea, giving it a new treatment and delivering on time and on budget without offending a global, multi-cultural, multi-religion audience is pretty tough. Not to mention, impressing your peers and colleagues…

Our approach

Thompson is a brand agency – we create content people are interested in and things they connect with. Our job is to understand people and design things they’ll enjoy.

So this Christmas, we designed a pack of cards to add a little something to those special moments we spend with our families – a reminder that the simplest of pleasures can also be the most important. The pack is all about families and provides an extra dimension, asking players to identify the family as well as play classic card games.

As well as the printed packs of cards, we also developed a digital version of the game. This is a responsive web app hosted on the Amazon S3 cloud-based infrastructure, giving it significant traffic potential.


The response has been huge and clients have loved the cards. Christmas Day instagrams provided the evidence of plenty of holiday plays.