Kingsbury Press

Work&Turn Vol.02

The brief

Work&Turn was born out of the desire to show the global creative industry some of the prestigious and beautiful projects Kingsbury Press has been delivering. Following on from the success of Work&Turn Vol.01 in early 2015, Vol.02 demonstrates the depth of Kingsbury’s work, showcasing the craftsmanship and quality of the work being produced and building on their reputation as a leading supplier of innovative, creative print solutions.

Our approach

Work&Turn Vol.02 takes its inspiration from the environment in which the work is produced. Images of finished projects were photographed in and around the machinery used to print them. Luxury brands and finishes were juxtaposed with the textures and materials of a printer’s world.

To showcase these projects in their full glory, a loose-leaf format was chosen. Each project can be viewed as a flat, untrimmed, printed sheet, echoing the stacks of freshly printed paper found waiting to be bound and finished.

‘Work & Turn’ is a print term used to describe the process in which a sheet of paper is printed. We used the term as a vehicle to experiment within the world of print and to demonstrate the creative capabilities, skills and vision of Kingsbury Press.


The result is a beautifully designed and printed piece that demonstrates Kingsbury’s incredible print and finishing skills whilst building on their reputation as one of the leading creative printers.