Live casino environment

Brand challenge

Online casino is an extremely competitive market place, with multiple operators offering very similar games and odds. At the start of the project, Unibet’s environment was looking dated and didn’t communicate what the brand stands for. The client was looking for stand out on a brand experience level, which is largely driven by look and feel of the environments.

Upping the odds

Having visited the operator in Riga, our team learned how brand design and quality cues could translate into a more exciting online user experience. Our design approach was to reflect Unibet’s ‘By players, for players’ positioning by simplifying the visual experience. Simple tables, lighting and casino type uniforms all helped the player to concentrate on the most important thing, playing casino.

Positioned for growth

In July 2016 the Unibet brand went live with the refreshed and modernised live casino which also features an expansion in terms of available tables. Success has been measured in terms of increased winnings, contributing to a record high financial performance by Unibet. The design approach has also been rolled-out to other environments in Malta and to all online interfaces.