Olympic Delivery Authority

London 2012 transport handbook

Getting around

The organisers wanted the 2012 Games to be memorable for all the right reasons. The challenging logistics of moving so many visitors around the capital and country was not something that the ODA took lightly. They asked us to create tools to help the Games Makers and transport companies help spectators get to and from venues, quickly and safely. Durability was important – it needed to stand up to a few weeks of heavy use, in the British weather, and also needed to be handy, as well as look good, as potentially millions could see it in use. The brief also asked for a digital solution for office-based staff or tablet users.

Looking good and working well

Our approach was to study potential transport routes to and from each venue, building a dossier of useful facts for visitors to each, including routes on to all other venues for spectators with multiple tickets. As well as being very practical, we ensured the handbook looked good too, making the most of the newly developed 2012 Games Times look-and-feel. Information design was clear and intuitive, as users needed to quickly get used to finding large amounts of information quickly, to help spectators. The final tools included a printed handbook and interactive pdf for use on mobile and tablet.

Contribution to smooth running

This was a large-scale project with nearly 100,000 handbooks in circulation across the country. Carried by all Games Makers around all venues, as well as by staff such as ticket offices, cabbies and visitor information points and the handbook was the go-to source of transport information throughout the Olympics and Paralympics. The Games were a real achievement for the British transport staff, running very smoothly and with minimal disruption to residents across the country, and we’re proud to know that the Handbook contributed to that.