Royal Armouries

Brand Repositioning – Face to Face with History

Re-positioning a National Museum

The Royal Armouries required a creative partner to help re-position its brand to reflect the status as a National Museum and raise its profile both nationally and internationally. Whilst it was important to generate an increase in visitor numbers, it was also important to increase the quality, depth and gravitas of the offer and introduce a greater sense of consistency between the three Royal Armouries sites in London, Leeds and Portsmouth.

Changing perceptions

The new branding introduces a more serious look and reflects the museum’s role in education as well as family fun. The lead imagery for each event appeals to the individual audiences and ties into the relevance of the Museum in today’s world, showing the depth and significance of the collection. In addition to the brand re-position, we also developed new website templates, promotional literature for each audience, online and offline ads, signage and a full range of collateral.

Behaving in the right way

Increased visitor numbers to events, talks and seminars as well as a substantial increase in social media activity all show it is working. Peter Armstrong, Royal Armouries Creative Development Director is delighted:

“In the 12 months since the rebrand, we have increased visitors to family events. May 2013 saw a 27% year-on-year jump in visitors. And what’s more impressive is that this is against a backdrop of falling attendances to the other museums in the region.”