Young Epilepsy


Need to re-position

The National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy (NCYPE) is a leading provider of specialist education and health services, and the only UK-wide charity exclusively supporting the 112,000 children and young people with epilepsy. However, because it was based on a campus in Surrey, the organisation was perceived to be more of a local provider for the severely disabled, rather than a UK charity setting the agenda and ‘owning’ epilepsy in young people. In order to achieve this, a brand refresh and re-position was required.

Involving the children

Following comprehensive research, a change of name to Young Epilepsy was agreed – a name that is more recognisable, memorable and appropriate. The new identity is based on a logo that changes and includes artwork drawn by the students from St Piers School, which Young Epilepsy runs. As well as creating an identity that is credible for a national charity, we also delivered a practical solution that is cost effective to implement. Stars were chosen, as the child is always the star.

Growing awareness

Since the launch we have been working with Young Epilepsy to develop applications including signage, web templates, corporate communications and fundraising material.

“Thompson has been an excellent partner, adding rigour and inclusion when we were considering the name and fantastic creativity when developing the identity. Everyone loves it, understands what our new brand stands for and are already behind it.”

David Ford, Chief Executive