Royal Armouries

Summer Jousting

Key summer attraction

As an integral part of the re-positioning of its brand, a successful summer programme of events was crucial. To achieve this, the Royal Armouries team decided to run jousting events again, but set a brief to ensure that in the face of numerous copies, only they could run authentic medieval jousts. Re-engaging with Leeds based visitors and re-igniting their interest in jousting was our challenge.

The Jousting Capital of the World

Jousting has always been an exciting spectator event and draws in significant visitor numbers. We recommended the creation of a ‘jousting championship’ with six weekend rounds building towards the season-ending Bank Holiday finale. The jousters (and their horses!) were profiled, the championship given its own identity and each event also incorporated horse shows, medieval jesters and educational elements around the traditional rules of jousting.


Visitor numbers throughout the summer were excellent and the Royal Armouries has taken ownership of authentic medieval jousting in the UK. Peter Armstrong, Royal Armouries Creative Development Director added:

“Thompson’s input was invaluable. The format was both fun and educational and proved very successful. I’m really excited about our plans for year two and know that the event can only get stronger.”