East Street Arts

20 year celebration

Birthday celebrations

Leeds-based contemporary visual arts charity East Street Arts partner with artists and the community to bring out the best in artists by providing support, mentoring, workspaces and production facilities. However, after 20 years, their branding had become confused and founders John and Karen lacked the tools to communicate what the organisation does or what it stands for in a clear and consistent way.

Making space

For the rebrand, we developed a proposition for East Street Arts: as the provider of space, both physical and emotional, to help artists to fulfill their potential. This idea was brought to life with the creation of a white box device that echoes the space East Street Arts provides. To get across the more complex idea of emotional support, a set of images was created, using fractured light to define space. A new logo was also created, along with a set of guidelines and templates that are easy to roll out.

To the next 20 years...

The new brand has so far been applied to brochures, leaflets, social media and marketing campaigns. A new website is currently underway and is set to launch by the end of 2013, and corporate materials will follow later in the year, too. Already the brand has been met with great success in practice and online, and East Street Arts are very pleased to have found themselves with a brand that allows them to be confident and proud of where they are today.