Joshua Ellis


Tradition and heritage

Joshua Ellis has been manufacturing the world’s finest cashmere for nearly 250 years, using traditional techniques and the finest yarns. It is sold to the foremost fashion designers including Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Burberry, who choose Joshua Ellis for their exceptional quality and finesse. However Joshua Ellis’ identity lagged behind, doing little to convey the quality and expertise at the heart of the brand, and in a tough market they needed help to stand apart from competitors and to better appeal to overseas markets, especially.

Unearthing the past

Working with the team, we discovered a wealth of heritage behind the brand – but that this was coupled with an innovative twist. A new visual language brought this to life, including a mark created with classicism in mind, subtly referencing the heritage. Reportage photography captured the expertise in action, and helped to convey the personality that underpins the business. A new set of corporate literature gave confidence to the directors, and an ipad sales presenter helped the sales team deliver their distinct message.

A springboard for success

The new brand delivers an ideal platform to support the business in international and domestic markets. Design and Sales Director Kristie Reeve confirms:

“In such a margin-driven industry, it’s crucial to stand apart from other manufacturers, but before the rebrand we just didn’t quite look the part. Our brand now looks as good as our products! And as a Sales Director, that’s makes my job easier – our conversion is up and leads have improved, too.”