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Branding 30 Years of Thompson Brand Partners

Turning 30

When Thompson Brand Partners turned 30, we decided to honour this achievement by celebrating in style and creating an unforgettable event. After giving our clients, friends and industry professionals something to talk about, we wanted to make sure they had something to remember it by for a long time to come.

XXX rated

XXX is 30 in Roman numerals and this became the basis of our idea, drawing on inspiration from our recent team visit to Amsterdam! A body of 30 posters, created by 30 Thompson employees past and present, formed the central focus of our event. To support the posters and the XXX theme, we also developed large format projections, a printed exhibition catalogue and a fully responsive microsite to showcase and share our work beyond the event itself.

Collateral damage

The event, supported by this collateral, was a major success for us, with over 200 clients, industry professional and friends joining us to celebrate and toast the achievements of past and present. All available collateral was snapped up, with our microsite continuing to gain views even now. Post-event, each contributor was mailed a printed copy of their poster by way of saying thanks for being a part of Thompson Brand Partner’s history. Here’s to the next 30 years!