Branding and website

Urgent change was needed

Across the UK, referrals to Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAHMS) are increasing five time faster than the workforce. And yet mental health services are still shockingly under-resourced. NHS Leeds South and East Clinical Commissioning Group (Leeds CCG) was determined to bring the city together on these distressing issues. Their focus was the creation of a safe place for young people. Thompson created this place and called it MindMate.

Users at the heart of the process

Through agile, user-centric design we created MindMate, a website that makes sense of the help available for young people. We used design to make services more accessible and helped transform support for young people with complex issues. We ran workshops, created forums and tested everything with the people who mattered most – the young people themselves. Our writers, designers and developers consulted on everything from naming, branding and colour, through to UX and functionality.

Life-changing results

MindMate is much more than a website. It has quickly become the trusted friend that young people turn to. Since launch, MindMate has exceeded expectations. As well as smashing targets, it has inspired the sector, created an ambassador programme and become a template for other CCGs. Its unique design approach has ensured it deals with the most extreme sensitivities in a way that relates rather than patronises. Through ongoing development on the site, we’ve seen an increase of 71% in young people being helped. The bounce rate is down from 57% to 35% and unique page views are up by 101%.

Ruth Gordon, Project Manager working on behalf of NHS Leeds South and East CCG, said of the project: “The design, content and language are perfect, shaped by young people all the way through, from beginning to end.”

Phase 2 development has already begun, led by feedback from the young people using the site since launch, and includes the introduction of more interactivity and video content.

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