Walker Morris


Staying one step ahead

Walker Morris is one of the leading UK law firms which counts Tesco, RBS, Ministry of Sound, NSPCC and National Grid amongst its clients. With an ambition to grow and be seen as one of the very best law firms in the UK, the time was right to increase the levels of investment in their brand and embark on a programme of activity to support their new business activities – effectively keeping them ahead of the game.

Behaving like the specialists they are

Our first task was to raise profile, instill confidence in the organisation and portray them as the trusted and respected business they are. The brand identity was refreshed with a more professional colour palette, and a tone of voice that is more approachable, supportive and friendly. The application of the brand refresh started with their graduate recruitment marketing before rolling firmwide across the website and a broad range of effective marketing communications.

Continuing Success

12 months down the line and the new brand refresh looks as strong as ever, helping to position the firm as one of the players. Working with their clients, we have produced a set of images to really show off their hands-on approach. The new colour palette and friendly tone of voice are both proving to be very effective. The business continues to grow, by expanding existing clients, attracting key new hires and winning new clients both nationally and internationally.