Broker Network


Building for the future

With over 160 members and income in excess of £450 million, Broker Network is one of the largest networks of independent insurance brokers in the UK. Its members enjoy the benefits of being part of a large group, providing serious buying power and business support, whilst remaining independent. After a sustained period of significant growth, Broker Network knew its brand needed refreshing in order to support what it had as well as more growth in the future.

Gaining insight…

After an insight gathering process that included external customer and partner consultation, internal staff workshops and analysis, we developed a brand identity framework aimed at clarifying Broker Network’s core offering. Detailed analysis at the early stage of the project was essential to understand the complex nature of the organisation and its messages to different audiences, and the brand solution was both bold and striking, to fit with the network’s ambitious vision.

…and understanding motivation

Having worked hard to understand what really motivates the audience to become a Broker Network member, we discovered that inside every insurance broker there seemed to be a surfer or biker trying to get out! The resulting campaign offered real freedom for brokers to pursue their ambitions whilst seeking the security of the network. The rollout of the re-brand was successful and extensive – from an initial internal launch to gain the crucial staff buy-in to extensive trade marketing activities.