Rapid growth

Web agency Parallax started life as Snapshot Media, a digital agency who in three years grew from a four-strong agency working from a bedroom, to the multi-service digital agency we began working with in 2012. However, their branding had not grown with them, and their lack of conviction in their homemade identity was holding them back, and they knew they needed to take their branding seriously.

A digital flavour

Through a series of workshops with the team, we helped uncover the vision and values that fuelled them. We also advocated a new name to help better reflect their personality and signal a change of direction. We think the chosen name, Parallax, which means seeing things from multiple viewpoints, does that perfectly. A bold, modern identity with an intentionally digital flavour brought the name to life, and gave Parallax a flexible system that gave them consistency but also allowed them to flex their own design muscles. And, happily, they love it.


Director of Parallax, Dario Grandich, has told us:

“The new brand gave us an unbelievable amount of confidence pitching to new clients, and it’s no surprise that in our short time as Parallax we’ve won some of our biggest projects yet. The brand and website has been featured on a lot of design galleries and award websites, giving us a lot of exposure to the international design community, too, which as designers really matters to us. We’re really excited about the future as Parallax.”