The TBP Christmas Do...

by Rachel Cook

…was a roaring success! Of course it was – it was organised by a Christmas genius (me).

We went trekking in the Dales, had an awards ceremony and nibbles in a lovely wee room at the Red Lion in Burnsall, toasted lightly in front of an overly stoked fire (thanks to coal-happy Jonny Whiteoak), had a very lovely Christmas dinner before returning to the fire for ill-advised Secret Santa, board games and nibbles. We even got some snow! Here’s a couple of snaps of us in the great outdoors…

1. The boys and their excellent outdoorsy gear and stances…

  • 2. Nick, Liz and Ian in the very beautiful Dales

  • 3. Stopping for lunch and flasks of coffee…. In the snow.

  • Well done to everyone for being such good sports – until next year!

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