Three things you already have that can improve your content

by Kirsty Stevenson

Whether you’re creating images and infographics, writing articles, doing videos, tweeting advice or raising a smile make sure it’s all working hard for you.

There are three things already in your marketing arsenal that are the basis of great content.

1) brand guidelines
2) customer decision making journey
3) audience personas or insights.

  • Remember these three top tips

    Be on-brand, not just branded, to be authentic
    Being generous to valued customers by making relevant information or entertainment available, without always overtly trying to sell them a product or service, builds authority and authenticity. But stay on brand. You’ve invested in defining what your brand stands for and how that should be implemented across the customer experience, now use it as a checklist for your content. If it’s not working towards achieving your brand objectives and building your reputation in the ways you want, then it shouldn’t see the light of day.

    e.g. Here’s a blog that we run for Harrogate Spring Water. The aim is to build and support the brand’s premium positioning with content of interest to its target market. There’s hardly a bottle of Harrogate in sight, but the brand proposition of being original and best underpins every page.

  • Plan and create content for each stage of the customer’s decision making journey
    There’s a role for content at every stage of the customer journey from awareness through to retention, and each piece of content should be a reason for the right people to move to the next stage of that journey.

    e.g. We helped CITU convince people who were considering Little Kelham, a sustainable housing development, that it was the right choice for them with a take-home booklet presenting audience-relevant reasons to choose in an easy to digest way.

  • Be targeted
    It’s OK to present the same piece of content a number of different ways, depending on who will be seeing it. It’s even cost efficient.
    More importantly it shows that you understand what it is about the content that’s of use to each of your audiences.

    e.g. We have worked with Leeds South and East Clinical Commissioning Group to develop MindMate, a website that uses well researched and targeted content to help young people tackle mental health problems. It also helps their parents and carers.

  • So, to recap that’s #beonbrand #customerjourney #target

    They’re the same rules you’d apply to any other kind of marketing, because your content activities should contribute to your existing marketing by helping your brand better connect with your audiences.

    For more help with on-brand content generation, contact Kirsty Stevenson – / 0113 2329222

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