Launch of new project for Fontsmith, 2 years in the making

by Thompson Brand Partners

After two years in the making, we can finally reveal the new set of books that we’ve been working on with our friends over at Fontsmith. The project started life as a celebration of Fontsmith’s 20 years in business, before evolving into a set of studio reference books celebrating Brandfont® and its expanded font library.

  • The Brandfont® hardback collection comes in the form of three case-bound books, making a toolkit-like set, aimed specifically at creative directors to show the flexibility, ease and potential of the service. The set is designed to be a working tool, providing creative directors and their teams with reference and inspiration when considering the type elements of brand identities.

  • The first book is an introduction to the service, outlining the offer in terms of licensing, font modification and bespoke typeface design. The second shows the service in action, through 27 visual case studies of how leading brands have used Brandfont® to create unique type assets, while the third is the definitive guide to the Fontsmith library of over 500 fonts, detailing each character set and bringing each font’s personality to life.

    The fourth publication is a new standalone Font Library Book, designed to illustrate what the Fontsmith typefaces offer in terms of personality and character sets, to help designers when choosing typefaces. A real collector’s item that is full of typographic indulgence.

  • Ian Thompson, our Creative Director, led the project and worked incredibly closely with the team at Fontsmith to produce all the content and design:
    “Fontsmith has always been ahead of the game when it comes to servicing the need for custom font design and licensing. The service needed something to arrive on CDs’ desks with enough gravitas to confirm that Brandfont® is the first choice for a service this rigorous, robust and above all, simple. It really is an easy-to-use service, so it was logical to make the main marketing piece a working toolkit that could help people like me navigate the sometimes difficult area of font management for branding.

    It was also a lovely job to work on – type always is. It took time to complete, but something of this scale always does. Also, it’s not often you get chance to work on something where YOU’RE the market. We’ve just got to hope other CDs think like me.

    I am especially proud of how my team has developed and edited all of the content, new and old, copy and imagery – there’s a lot of it. I’m sure it’ll generate some decent new business for our friends at Fontsmith.”

  • Jason Smith, founder of Fontsmith, said:
    “The audience for Brandfont® are the creative directors of leading brand agencies. We know these individuals respond very positively to beautiful print, which will then be shared and used on a daily basis in their studios. Although, I’ve also got a feeling these creative directors will be very precious of this highly exclusive boxset of books.

    Ian and his team have worked extremely hard to develop these books, and it shows, producing a collection that I am sure will help us to substantially develop our business and be able to help more leading brands to stand out and be distinctive.”

    Find out more about Fontsmith.

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