Bags or no bags? That is the question (or one of them at least).

by Nick Ramshaw

We’re always looking out for examples of innovation and positive change, especially when our environment is the beneficiary. This week, two brands have stood out for their new ideas. Both are aimed at reducing the amount of plastic used in packaging, but the approaches are very different.

Firstly, Morrisons is the first UK supermarket to trial the use of large paper bags at check-outs. The US-style bags come with handles and retail at 20p. Doing exactly the same job as the standard plastic bags, the new paper bags are (apparently) tough, reusable, recyclable and will help keep a large amount of plastic out of the environment. And when reused three or four times, the paper bags have a lower total impact on the environment, from production through to end of life.

  • Morrisons has already successfully replaced small plastic bags for fruit and veg, with paper bags. A move that has gone down very well with its customers.

  • We think reusable paper bags is a very good idea indeed and hope the trial goes well. To help reduce the use of plastic bags, the retailer has also increased the cost of these. If successful, the plan is to roll-out the paper bags into all 493 Morrisons stores.

    The second brand is Lush. Stalwarts of positive environmental change, the brand has been driving towards a packaging-free world for some time. Now Lush Naked Shops have been opened in Milan, Berlin and Manchester, and they are completely packaging-free.

  • Described as cosmetics shops of the futures, the three show what cosmetics can look like if there is no plastic packaging. Lush customers are extremely concerned about sustainability and plastic avoidance, so packaging-free alternatives are in increasingly high demand.

  • Well done to Lush. Brave marketing campaign too. We’ll be watching these new shops with great interest.

  • So two excellent examples of big brands listening to their customers and introducing new innovations to make the world a better place.

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