Name and brand for innovative new data project revealed

by Kirsty Stevenson

Together with health and care partners across Leeds, we’re delighted to reveal our work on the naming and branding of the innovative Person Held Record pilot project which was launched in October 2017, by the city of Leeds, as a city based project with health partners.

The platform will put users in control of their own health and care data by allowing them to view and add to key information, starting with medical data and growing to include wider public services. For the first time, the public will be able to see and interact with their own records and data on an easy to use, secure, online platform that encourages them to take control of their own health and wellbeing. Its new name, Helm, reflects this new position of control.

  • Image: Helm’s new brand identity

    Rachel Cook, Thompson Brand Partners, said:
    “Helm focuses on putting people back in control of their data. People are more data security aware now than ever, so it is vital that the brand helps build public trust in Helm’s mission.

    “We wanted to make its ambition clear: although it’s launching as a healthcare data platform in Leeds, the goal is for it to become far more wide-reaching. We designed the brand to have the potential to grow beyond its roots in Leeds City Council and the NHS in Leeds, into a platform for controlling your personal data from many more sources.

    “Helm is open source, so commissioned third party developers will be able to build innovative new platforms and apps on the same technology and security standards, creating a truly interconnected ecosystem with individual control at its heart. With all your data in one place, where it can be easily viewed and managed, users control how data from healthcare providers is shared and with whom.

    “The visual identity is inspired by this, using fluid shapes that are always moving and updating, but in a very controlled and accessible way. We designed it using a colour palette that felt appropriate – high-tech, but approachable. As a brand that lives primarily online, great RGB reproduction of the brand colours, along with excellent accessibility were vital factors.”

  • Image: Rachel Cook, Thompson Brand Partners

    Dylan Roberts, Chief Digital and Information Officer for the City of Leeds, said:
    “Getting the best name and identity for this service is important right from the start of the pilot period, making its benefits clear to care professionals and the public. We will engage with users over the coming months and years to ensure we develop a platform that helps citizens to understand their data better, which will hopefully help them to manage and control their own health and wellbeing. Working with Thompson is giving us the tools that we need to build a strong brand for Helm that will help us connect with the people it can help most.”

  • Image: Dylan Roberts, Chief Digital and Information Officer for the City of Leeds

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