Christmas Advert Roundup 2017: Who did it better?

by Marisa Sanchez-Dunning

Ah, ‘tis the season to be jolly. It’s a wonderful time of year, filled with family, good food, too many drinks and lots of laughter. What also comes with this time of year, are the infamous Christmas adverts. Being from California, the whole Christmas advert fiasco amazes me. I’ve never experienced the talk, examination, and cheer over Christmas ads before in such a communal way, and I absolutely love it.

These ads pull at your heart strings and make you laugh in the most delicate way. The four brands that I will be discussing are; M&S, Tesco, John Lewis and Asda.

  • M&S: #LoveTheBear

    This ad actually made me start to tear. It starts with Paddington awaking from his sleep by the noise a thief made when he fell on his roof. He helps him redeliver presents all night, and even goes on an unexpected sleigh ride together, changing the heart of the thief.

    They watch a family open presents together, sharing love and happiness that Christmas tends to bring. Paddington then turns to the thief and gives him a present. He then wakes up the next morning to a group of news reporters at his front door; this ad is one for the books.

    M&S’s Christmas campaign, will combine in-store events and a collaboration with a charity.

  • Paddington bear stars in this year’s M&S Christmas advert.

  • Tesco: #EveryonesWelcome

    This has to be my favourite advert of them all. The advert is centred around the cooking of a turkey for Christmas dinner, and how each family prepares and enjoys it. The advert showcases every type of family, lacing in humour and emotion almost perfectly.

    Apparently, Tesco has received some negative feedback for featuring a Muslim family and Tesco quickly responded.

    According to Evening Standard, a spokesperson from Tesco stated, “The ad was intended to show how people come together at Christmas. Everyone is welcome at Tesco this Christmas and we’re proud to celebrate the many ways our customers come together over the festive season.”

  • John Lewis: #MozTheMonster
    People wait all year to see what John Lewis will put together for Christmas.

    This year, John Lewis has created Moz the Monster. The story tells of a little kid named Joe, and the relationship he builds with an imaginary monster that lives under his bed. He keeps him up at night, making him really sleepy throughout his day.

    For Christmas, his family gets him a night light to help him sleep. Although he sleeps better, he realises that Moz is gone from his life. What makes this story a little sweeter, is at the end when Joe realises Moz isn’t entirely gone from his life just yet.

    Aldi: #KevintheCarrot

    Kevin the Carrot falls in love this Christmas. Aldi’s ad combines emotion and humour in a brilliant way. In the ad, Kevin the Carrot proves to be the heroic carrot that he is, and sacrifices himself for his love interest.

    He gets hit by a spoonful of peas and impressed with his bravery, Kevin wins her heart. Go Kevin!

  • Kevin the Carrot from Aldi’s Christmas Ad, 2017

  • I appreciate that these aren’t all of the Christmas adverts that have launched this season, but these have stood out to me in a way that the others haven’t. From Moz the Monster, to Kevin the Carrot. Who do you think did it best this year?

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