New brand launched to support mental health in the workplace

by Thompson Brand Partners

Curated by Mind, funded by The Royal Foundation, designed by us. Mental Health at Work is a first-stop resource to help UK employers create mentally healthy workplaces. The first of its kind in the UK, the project is focused on a new website that’s been packed with tools and resources, making it easier for employers to navigate through this sensitive subject area.

  • Mental Health at Work has been 12 months in the making and we’re proud to have created a transformational brand and website. We approached the project with an understanding that users should be at the heart of our design process. This meant rigorous rounds of user testing as the website was built. In all, several hundred users were involved across five UK locations and online testing.

  • His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge formally launched the Mental Health at Work project at an event in Bristol. Before making his speech, he will join a series of workshops that demonstrate the gateway, meet with people who have tested the system and visit local companies.

  • Faye McGuiness, Head of Workplace Wellbeing Programmes at Mind enjoyed working with us:
    “From the initial work on naming, through branding and onto the design of the website, working with Rachel and her team has been great. They have a deep understanding of the subject and have the expertise to ensure every issue is fully considered long before it raises its head.

    We are very confident that Mental Health at Work will become an exemplar of its type, helping UK businesses to tackle this extremely important issue and have a huge positive impact on the UK economy.”

  • Rachel Cook, Client Partner at Thompson led the project, she had this to say:
    “This subject, client and programme are very close to my heart so it’s been a joy working with Mind on this project. I’ve had issues with my mental health for a long time, and naturally it knows no difference between my worklife and homelife. It has crept into business hours from time to time and I’m lucky that I was able to rely on the experience and empathy of my colleagues at Thompson to help me; not everyone has that.

    Speaking from my personal perspective of working for an SME, it can be so hard to know where to start and how to prioritise mental health along with all the other items on your to-do list. The Mental Health at Work website will help employers to get started, whatever their size – and I know what a godsend that will be for other employers and employees alike.

    We worked really closely with the team at Mind and The Royal Foundation to create a name, brand and website that would reflect their huge ambition for the programme. It’s fantastic to work with a client who are both serious experts in what they do, and who trust us to be the brand experts for them in return.

    The end result is a trusted, authoritative space, but with a brand that brings real humanity into what can sometimes feel like an impenetrable subject. We’re over the moon with the result and can’t wait to see this out in the world making a difference in workplaces like ours.”

    Visit the Mental Health at Work website

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