Brand creation

A new visitor attraction

Inspired is a groundbreaking new visitor attraction to be built on a huge 545 acre site outside Swindon. Housing around 90% of the National Collections of The Science Museum, Inspired is a brand new kind of museum, dealing with the nature of inspiration itself, revealing the dramatic stories of the pioneers that have shaped our modern world. Our brief was to help develop a name for the new attraction, bring the brand to life through compelling branding and help in the lead-up to the launch.

Coherent and inspiring

We had to deliver a name that would capture the nation’s imagination and a brand proposition that would help us to create a brand to support marketing, advocacy and fundraising. We needed to demonstrate how the museum was going to feel and what it was going to be like. Inspired sums up these feelings, working well as a distinctive, impactful name. The branding was completed by a texturally rich and highly visual identity, which tells a coherent story across all communications.

Proud supporters

The name identity achieved all its objectives, gaining support with local stakeholders and the science community. At the launch in 2007, Martin Earwicker, Director of the Science Museum Group, unveiled the fresh, exciting identity for one of the most significant developments in the museum world, adding:

“More than a museum, Inspired will be a marvellous, interactive spectacle, a treasure trove of iconic objects that have shaped and continue to shape our world.”